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Faith in Action Evanston would not exist without caring people such as yourself who selflessly volunteer their time and energy. Your questions, reflections, and other comments are very much welcome. Please, direct them to Harriet at pethar@webtv.net


  1. A neighbor does not answer the door (and you expected them to do so):
    Check it out - the premises, look through the windows, ring the doorbell or try the phone again.

    Contact next-door neighbor, or building manager, or anyone who may have keys.

    Call the local police (or 911, if you do not know the local police number)
  2. Elder abuse is suspected:
    Call the hotline: 800-252-8966 (days) or 800-279-0400 (evenings, weekends, holidays)
  3. Child abuse is suspected:
    Call the hotline: 800-25-ABUSE

Remember - if you are providing transportation:

  • Only transport neighbors who are able to get into your vehicle with minimal assistance (like holding your arm/hand for balance.)
  • Introduce yourself and clarify the destination and appointment time.
  • You may want to have a good street map on hand, and good directions ahead of time.
  • Provide needed emotional support when transporting and escorting neighbors to their destination.
  • Make sure that seat belts are used by all passengers. If a passenger refuses to use safety belts you may refuse to transport them.
  • Do not transport a very young child unless he/she is in an approved safety seat.


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Please, say "no" -

If someone requests that you do something that you are not comfortable with doing.

If you do not have time to do something you are asked to do.

If you feel incapable or inadequate to do something you are asked to do.

In fact - please, say "no" whenever you wish to say no - for any reason, or for no reason.